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Licensed Contractor Issue Date
2D Enterprises LLC (Steve Dickinson) 01/16/2019
Absolute Diversified Services (John Jacobs) 01/01/2019
AC Pipeline Construction (Andrew Carlson) 08/28/2018
Alpine Landscaping & Excavating LLC 01/01/2019
A. Moot Point Construction Co. (Amy Kresge-Moot) 11/29/2018
AMP Alarms, LLC (Matthew Flynn) 02/12/2019
Aspen Drilling Co. Inc. (Bradley Beery) 01/01/2019
Backhoe Excavating Inc (Jeremy Christen) 01/01/2019
Backhoe Services Bennett Inc (Travis Church) 01/01/2019
Backward Hoe Excavating LTD (Joel Czopek) 01/04/2019
Berry Trucking & Excavating Inc. (Norman Berry) 01/01/2019
Black Diamond Excavating (Steven D Grapes) 01/23/2019
BLH Inc. 01/01/2019
B & N Excavating (Bert Laczko) 01/09/2019
Brinson LLC (Paul Schaufus) 01/01/2019
Brown's Septic Service Inc. (Leonard Brown) 01/01/2019
Buckley Construction (Shawn Buckley) 02/25/2019
Burbachs Rocky Mountain Excavating LLC 01/01/2019
Calloway Electrical Contractor LLC 01/02/2019
CAP Excavating & Demolition, Inc. (Kevin Braly) 01/01/2019
C & C Construction (Roger Carlson) 08/28/2018
Colorado Cleanup Corporation 01/01/2019
Colorado Mini Excavating Inc 01/01/2019
Colorado Septic Systems 01/01/2019
Columbia Sanitary Services 01/01/2019
Common Wealth Services LLC (Bryan Kingsbury) 01/01/2019
Conifer Excavating (Bryan Roland) 02/27/2019
Creative Excavating Inc. (DAVID ABERLE) 01/01/2019
Creative Facility Services Corp. 01/07/2019
D AND A FARMS (David Primmer) 01/01/2019
(Daryl Maus) 01/01/2019
David R Haas Inc (David Haas) 01/01/2019
Diamond Contracting Corporation (Terry Pike) 01/01/2019
Diamond Excavating, Inc. 01/01/2019
Dick Gapter Septic Systems (Dick Gapter) 01/01/2019
Doone Brothers Sewer & Septic Services (Kellen Doone) 01/02/2019
Doyle Construction Inc (Chris Doyle) 01/02/2019
D V Nelson Excavating (Douglas V Nelson) 01/01/2019
Dykes Excavating, Inc. (Mark Dykes) 11/28/2018
Eagle Dirt Work LLC (Scott Smith) 12/26/2018
(Earl Westhoff) 01/01/2019
Elk Creek Sand and Gravel (Juliet Moores) 01/01/2019
Elk Mountain Excavating LLC (Tim Behrendt) 01/01/2019
ESCO Construction Company 01/01/2019
Evergreen Excavating and Tree Service (Todd Hanson) 01/01/2019
Evergreen Septic Pumping Inc. 02/01/2019
Florian Freymuth Construction (Florian Freymuth) 01/01/2019
Foothills Septic Pumping 01/01/2019
Grapes & Son Excavating Inc (Bob Grapes) 01/02/2019
Harold's Excavating Services LLC (Harold Jr Amerin) 01/01/2019

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